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Always Research Your Bets


One of the great things about online sports betting is how instant everything is. After seeing an available betting market you can place a bet literally within seconds, often with market leading odds. But, and here's the but, this is also what catches many sports betters out because they fail to research their bets properly, which over a long period of time can lead to profits plummeting.


It is the researching of all the variables that separates the best and most profitable gamblers from the recreational and often losing ones. Today's world is one teaming with information on absolutely everything, especially sporting statistics so there is no excuse for not fully researching all aspects of your bet and factors that could could effect its outcome.


What you need to research depends on the sport you are betting on but the list below shows you a number of areas to focus your research on:


·   The weather conditions

·   Past meetings between the teams or competitors

·   Recent form

·   The team's injury list or are key members returning from injury

·   The home and away form of each team

·   Whether the match is a crucial one as in promotion or relegation or it is is mid-table fixture with little consequences for losing

·   How teams perform in the 1st quarter / half etc

·   How teams perform when behind

·   The stage of the competition

·   Time of the competition

·   Recent managerial / coaching changes


This is just a small list of potential factors that will influence the outcome of a game. As you can see simply jumping in and betting on the first market you see can be fun but you will often miss so many of these areas that you may as well set fire to your money.


Knowledge is power and in betting on sports research is the most powerful betting strategy of them all.

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