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Kieran  Farrelly

Keep Accurate Records

Kieran Farrelly 05 Mar 2012

Betting on sports is an extremely to do. You create an account with an online sportsbook, you find a sporting event you bare interested in, you place your bet then cross your fingers and hope you win. However, betting on sports profitably and turning a consistent profit is a little more difficult and requires more effort on your part. One way to potentially increase your sports betting profits is to keep accurate records of your betting adventures.


Keeping records of your betting may seem like an arduous and pointless task but trust me when I say any sports bettor worth his or her salt keep journals and spreadsheets of all their betting action. Most of the popular sportsbook have a feature where you can look at your betting history but many, myself included in this, prefer to create a simple but effective spreadsheet to track patterns in profits and losses.


Each time you place a bet simply note down everything about it. Note what day and date you placed the bet, what time the bet was placed, when the event was taking place, who was in the event, the odds you bet on, the amount of money you bet on and also try to make a couple of points on why you placed the bet in the first place. That last point is great for stopping you making impulse bets and just betting for the sake of it, something we will discuss in a future article.


Writing all these details down will help you to spot patterns in your betting and help you to discover what markets you are actually profitable at. Whilst you may believe you are the world best NFL bettor because you once placed a $300 bet on the Super Bowl and won, what your spreadsheet may tell you is that you are actually a long-term loser at NFL betting but you only remember the times you win big, not all those seemingly insignificant losses you sustain week in week out.


So to recap, keeping records may make you feel a little like your a geek and it may seem a pointless task but if you want to really push on and increase your betting profits then you simply have to keep detailed and accurate records.

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