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Betting With A Clear Head

You may be asking yourself what separates a good and profitable sports bettor from one who seems to constantly lose and whilst there are going to be many factors that influence the answer to that particular question one of them will be the fact the consistently bet with a clear head so that every decision they make is one that will almost certainly be profitable in the long term.


By keeping a clear head at all times and not allowing outside factors influence your mood when your are betting on sports then you will see your profits start to soar. Here are some tips that we have picked up during our betting careers that have allowed us to cross the line between losing / break-even gamblers to ones who turn a steady profit.


Keep a betting bankroll


We cannot stress enough how important bankroll management is in sports betting; along with researching outcomes it is probably the most important aspect of becoming a winning player and almost everything you do will in some way tie back in with bankroll management.


Make sure that your bankroll is made up of only money you can afford to lose and that means it contains no loans and it is not needed for any other purpose whatsoever. Imagine you had a bankroll of €1,000 and lost it all, you would probably be quite upset but imagine who devastated you would be if you had a bankroll of €1,000 and lost it all but €500 of that was actually needed to pay the rent on your property the following month!


Bankroll management is also about placing bets that are in tune with the amount of money you have to gamble with. If you have €1,000 then it makes no sense at all to be placing bets of €350 because you only have three attempts to win but if you were betting €10 at a time then you would have 100 attempts.


Along the same lines of bankroll management you should also stop yourself from referring to your bankroll as actual money and use number of bets instead. If it much easier to deal with losing 25 bets than it is to come to terms with losing €250 for example. Humans do not like losing and when we lose it upsets and even angers us, this leads us onto the next point.


Leave your emotions at the door


There are no place for emotions in gambling, not whilst your are betting. Bookmakers around the world have gotten rich by people betting with their emotions trust us on that one!


If you have just lost a large bet, a series of smaller one or are just feeling stressed or not yourself then simply do not bet. Online betting is so easy to log on, click a few buttons and place some bets but there are people who have lost bankrolls that have taken months and years to build just because they bet tired, hungry, angry etc.


For this reason try not to bet on your own sports team because you run the risk of your emotions clouding your judgement, especially if you are at the game or watching it at home and are betting in-play.


Turn off all distractions


One of the great things about online betting is you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home 24-hours a day. But on the flip-side of the coin one of the worst things about online betting is you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home 24-hours a day!


The reason it is a double edged sword is many people like to place bets when they are super relaxed, sat in their favourite chair with television programmes blaring out and other such creature comforts. The problem is that when we relax this much we can become a lackadaisical and lazy in our approach to task in hand and although you do not think the television being on is affecting you because you are only using it as background noise you will be surprised how often you look up and watch a few seconds and don't even realise it. This means you are not betting with a clear head and with full focus which usually has a negative effect on your betting profitability.

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