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Kieran  Farrelly

Betting Systems: They Do Not Work!

Kieran Farrelly 06 Mar 2012

Every day I check my email inbox and I must have at least half a dozen, sometimes more, emails promising me untold riches if I purchase a new, never-seen-before betting system. Have I ever bought one? Never. Will I ever buy one? See the previous response for your answer.


You see gambling systems simply do not work. In fact I would go as far as saying there is not a gambling system in the world that will yield profits consistently over a significant sample size. Most of these so-called betting systems revolve around betting on the favourites in a race or sporting event, which is something you could do anyway, some made up tips the seller is trying to pass off as legitimate betting opportunities or the doomed to fail Martingale System, more on the Martingale system in future article.


Whilst some of these system may work in the short-term due to betting on favourites or just through sheer luck, all of them will fail at some point because they are all completely made up. Outcomes of events are completely random and you cannot predict when certain things will happen. If Manchester United played a team 200 places belong them in the rankings you would be correct to assume the United would win every single game easily; but what if they had a man sent off, or an injury, or a myriad of injuries there are dozens of variables that eventually the much weaker team will either force a draw or even win.


The same goes for horse racing, how often do you see the favourite not even place of a 50.00 shot almost win the Grand National. Whilst an outcome still have any mathematical chance to happen that it can and will happen.


Another reason to see what betting systems are doomed from the start is to apply some basic logic. Think about this scenario for a while and then answer honestly. You conjure up a betting system that is like no other betting system in the world in that it works. Whenever you follow the betting system to the letter you win, when you do not then you lose. This betting system will allow you to win at least £10,000 per month with little to no outlay quite easily, soon you will be leaving your mundane office job and placing bets from a hammock on a Caribbean island. Sounds great so far yes? Now despite this system working and you raking in untold riches you decide to sell the system to anyone who is willing to buy it for $25 on the internet, via spam mail no less, and risk having the bookmakers come up with a plan to counteract the betting system. Obviously not, so why do you think these systems are available to buy? Because the person who came up with them needs the money because the system does not work!


Do not get suckered into buying such a system, leave them well alone. Instead study the form, do as much research as you can, cross your fingers and hope your pick comes in. Good luck!

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