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Betting In-Play

One of the most recent innovations to the betting industry over the past years is the ability to bet in-play. Some sportsbooks call it live betting but whatever you want to call it being able to bet in play not only makes the event you are watching much more exciting but it can also make your betting all the more profitable too.


What is In-Play or Live Betting?


In-Play or Live betting is exactly how it sounds, you place the bet whilst the event is taking place, is in-play or is live. This means, if the event is televised of course, that you can watch the action unfold in front of your very eyes and place bets on outcomes that you predict will happen.


For example, you may be watching a football or soccer match where you notice that the right-back is starting to tire and the opposition's left wingers is getting past him every time he gets forward so the next time the left wingers receives the ball out wide you could place a bet that his team will score, before he has even attempted to take on the right-back and crossed the ball!


Another market that is popular for in-play and live betting is horse racing because you can watch the race take place and you will be able to notice if the leader is starting to flag or if a horse six places from the front is being ran at a steady canter and looks like it still has plenty of reserves left. There really is not end to the possibilities!


Increase Your In-Play and Live Betting Profits


In order to maximise your profits when betting in-play you need to try to rid yourself of all emotions because betting on impulse and as a knee-jerk reaction can be a very costly pastime indeed! Make sure that, like betting in a “normal” fashion you are only placing bets that you honestly think are going to be profitable otherwise do not bet at all and simply save yourself some money; after all a bet saved is almost as good as a bet won.


Where many in-play bettors fall down is by failing to realise that not all events that are called “Live” are actually live. Most are on a delay of between two and 30 seconds depending on the event and where it is being held. There a number of reasons for this but you do not need to worry about those just be aware that live is not always necessarily live and that horse you see about to fall over the last fence has probably already fallen!


Finally, be aware that bookmakers will suspend betting markets at key moments in order to protect themselves and it will not be possible to place bets during these times. Such times include when a footballer is clean through on goal or there is a penalty kick awarded and similar scenarios. Whilst you may think this is unfair allowing betting during these times would see the bookmakers broken within just a couple of football matches, you'll just have to attempt to do that at a slower pace!


Many of SportMoose's partners offer in-play and live betting that you can take advantage of and attempt to boost your betting profits. The most popular of the sites that offer in-play and live betting are Betfair and bet365. Although other sites offer the facility these two have the largest selection of in-play markets in the industry.

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